Hotels / Accommodations (Thassos Island)

Summer (May - Sept):

During these months, and as late as 15 Oct, Thassos is in it's tourist season. Accommodations are more readily available and often easy to find. It is best however to make reservations to ensure that you can get the accommodations of your choice. Follow the link below for a comprehensive listing.
Thassos Hotels

Winter (Oct - Apr):

During these months the Thassos tourist season is over and the majority of businesses offering accommodation are closed. Even so, there are still accommodations to be found. Keep in mind that they may close for a few weeks in the winter to take thier holidays. Here we ofer a list of known businesses that are open during the winter on Thassos. It is best to make reservations to ensure that they will be open during the time you plan on traveling to Thassos.
Limenas / Thassos Town
Skala Potamias

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